Mercado kosher

The sale of foods that follow the strict Jewish laws are already big business.

Kosher food processing, based on one of the world's oldest dietary laws, is experiencing an exponential growth trend due to the variety of potential consumers.

Millions of people worldwide limit their diets for several reasons, and find inKosher products the quality they demand.

Kosher products consumers are characterized by greater purchasing power than average, as well as the willingness to pay higher amounts (up spending 47% more) for those products that are considered top quality and of intrinsic value.

In addition to Jews, Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists and other Christian denominations, that have similar dietary restrictions based on Judaism, are helping to strengthen the market for kosher products.

According to market research, the number one reason to buy a Kosher product is "Food Quality", the second is "Overall Health", followed by those who think that "They are safer."

Contrary to popular belief, only 15% of consumers said they consume these products to observe the Jewish religion, while 10% said to follow guidelines due to religious beliefs that have similar food restrictions.

Adding Seventh-day Adventists, the various Christian denominations, Jews and Muslims, there is a population of over ten million in Mexico.

Vegetarian and lactose intolerant add to the list. Since the Kosher dietary mixture of meat and dairy is not allowed, the products marked Besari Kosher (meat) ensure the absence of the smallest ingredient derived from milk, and meat.

Pareve (neutral) indicating absence of any derivative of meat and / or milk, are especially preferred by people with lactose intolerance or allergies to dairy products, as well as vegetarians.

The country has a wide audience of vegetarians and 10% of Mexicans are lactose intolerant.

The Kosher seal has also become popular among those consumers concerned with the health status of the animals the products come from, also for those who care about the food that they receive and those concerned about the animals experience the least amount of suffering, as the Kosher seal assures consumers that the animals were healthy at the time of their death, this had to be quick, with minimal suffering and had not received hormones (such as clenbuterol) or fed animal protein .

Kosher products have a reputation for being more carefully produced and thoroughly inspected than non-Kosher products. This has resulted in a strong market and Kosher products reporting sales growth of 12.5 billion annually.

In Mexico there are already 708 companies with thousands of brands using the Kosher seal. According to a United States government report, our country currently produces half of canned and frozen Kosher foods, and 90% of fresh produce.

The Kosher market has grown by 15% per year which has been maintained for over 10 years because more and more consumers choose kosher for Quality and Health.